Charlie's Place

A collection of my web pages


My Original Web Page - includes tips and tricks like log jumping

Icebiking and making a snowman at the Res

National Masters Championship Mountain Bike Races - Mt. Snow 2007

National Masters Championship Road Bike Races - Seven Springs, Pa 2007

World Masters Championship Mountain Bike Race - Bromont Ca, 2003

Mount Washington Hill Climb Race -2005

Surly Pugsley Snow Bike

Equinox Hill Climb Race - 2007

Converting a Road Bike to a Hill Climb Bike for Mt. Washington Hill Climb Race

2007 version of my Hill Climbing Bike

Downhilling at Mt. Snow

Winter Riding Tips

Icebiking 2004

My Icebike

Big Al's backyard Playground

My Trials Bike

Norba Nationals - Mt. Snow 2003

West Hartford Res Map

First Annual Recreation Day at the Res 2001

Third Annual Recreation Day at the Res

Pugsley Wheelie

Race Pic at Winding Trails

Endo at Case Mtn

Central Connecticut Bicycle Alliance

IceBiking2007& 2008

first pics from helmet cam april 08

Snowshoeing at Mt. Snow '09


Snowshoeing Killington '09


Season's Magazine 2007

NEMBA's SingleTracks 2008